When I was four years old I remember telling my Mom that someday I would be as well known and as popular as the "Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles". Well after starting as a white belt at the age of four and putting in ten hard years of training I am now a Second Degree Blackbelt in Wushu Kung Fu, and First in Tae Kwon Do Karate.

In 2001 I was flown to Hollywood in a days notice by the GAP Clothing Company to be filmed for a national TV commercial. I was given a room at the swank "The Mondarin" hotel on Sunset Blvd., in downtown Hollywood. I was chauffeured and dined for two days, only to find out later that I didn't fit the look they needed for the spot. Four months later I made it to final casting for a international Pepsi Cola commercial. In 2002 I shot a pilot for ABC called "Go Sick" which started the roller coaster ride I have been on for 2 years.

Ryan Pinkston
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I starred as Patton Chase on "Quintuplets" a situation comedy for FOX TV which was a huge hit for the network. I finished wrok on my first lead starring role as Sam in "Full Of It". It's all about a boy .. Sam Leonard who is forced to live out all the lies he tells at his new school. This is bound to be a big hit for New Line Cinema. This summer I shot "Parental Guidance Suggested" a feature film from the minds of SNL writers Forte and Samburg. Recently bought by The Weinstein Companyit is now being called "Extreme Movie".
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